Service Creation Tools

Strategic Fit Assessment
How well does the service fit the current strategy, customer base, service offer and organisational capabilities?

Competitive Landscaping and Assessment
Who are the competition, how do your weaknesses and strengths compare, what is the strongest strategy to move forward.

Market Assessment
Is this market the right one for the technology vendor and service provider?

Business Case Development
What do the financials look like, how long will it take to start generating cash from you investment

Risk Assessment & Management
Risk identification, assessment and management planning using a structured approach to move forward from an informed base.

Value Proposition Development
Development of customer focused value propositions as a foundation for service and messaging development.

Service Definition
Workshop facilitation to accelerate the development of the service profile.

Programme and Project Management
Service creation and large scale marketing execution are complex and high risk undertakings. The application of agile and traditional project management methodologies minimises the impacts of delays and business risks. ​
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